A Complete 4-Part Series
Issue 71



November 17, 2014


Softube has just released version 2.1.45 new channel strip for its Solid State Logic’s SL 4000 E channel, Console 1 software, adding SSL’s XL9000 K Series and SSL’s VHD (Virtual Harmonic Distortion) circuit to the plugin.

The original XL9000 K was released in the 2002 as the last of a popular console series that took centre stage in Peter Gabriel’s RealWorld Studios, Wyclef Jean and Jerry Wonda’s Platinum Sound, and Michael Brauer’s room in Electric Lady Studios. Its addition to Console 1, brings R&B/Hip Hop analog mixing with wide bandwidth, minimal phase shifting and low distortion, to the already solid pop/rock mix from Sl 4000 E. It also means the software now has a fully controllable gate in the Shape section, with Punch and Sustain knobs controlling Range and Hold levels. Giving users far more control of their mix, compared to the simplified fast workflow of the SL 4000 E.

Adding VHD to the update means there is a dedicated Drive knob on Console 1, allowing users to control the level of distortion, a Character knob changing the distortion from 2nd order (more tube-like) to 3rd order (more transistor-like), with all the variants in-between.

Also included are a number of user requested updates, such as the ability to rearrange tracks, save default presets, and the ability to load Valley People Dynamite into the shape section.


Updates Include:

  • Rearranging Tracks: in Pro Tools and Logic Pro, rearranging tracks in the DAW is not reflected in the Console 1 system, to remedy this, we have now added the ability to easily rearrange tracks also in Console 1, so you can have your mix layout be consistent between the DAW and Console 1.
  • Gain reduction meters in meter bridge: next to each output level meter in the meter bridge, we have added an orange gain reduction meter. This downward-moving meter indicates what gain reduction occurs from using the Shape and Compressor sections.
  • Save default presets: users can create their own default presets to entire channel strips or individual sections (Shape, EQ or Compressor). If a default preset has been created, it will override the factory default settings and be loaded into any strip or section upon activation.
  • Improved preset handling: users can now create their own folders to organize presets according to their own preferences.
  • Load Valley People Dyna-mite into the Shape section: our Valley People Dyna-mite can be used both as a limiter and gate, it’s now possible to load it into the Shape section, to access its gate functions from within Console 1. , in addition to loading it into the Compressor section as before.
  • Changes to Auto display behavior: users can determine how long after the last made adjustment it takes for the On-Screen Display to close in Display Auto Off mode. Furthermore, the On-Screen Display now opens in response to any knob or button adjustment, including the Adjust/Shift button.
  • Auto-enabling of sections: Aa bypassed section is automatically enabled if a parameter is changed.
  • Minor interface changes: Solo is indicated by flashing Mute on all other tracks, added center logo to Solid State Logic SL 4000 E strip, small change to Select All Tracks dialog.


The update is available now from Softube’s website: www.softube.com


Excerpts from PR


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A Complete 4-Part Series
Issue 71