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Hammer It Home

Fender’s intuitive new budget pedal range.


25 May 2022

The Fender Hammertone line of effects pedals offer an accessible entry to the Fender Effects family. Designed by in-house tone guru Stan Cotey, these circuits deliver incredible tone in a compact form-factor with high-quality hardware and player-friendly features. Featuring expert-designed analog and digital renditions of classic effects — including Overdrive, Distortion, Fuzz, Chorus, Delay, and Reverb — these compact pedals deliver gig-worthy tones at an accessible price.

Hammertone Models:

The Hammertone Distortion delivers the legendary distorted tones you need for nearly any style of music. The active 2-band Bass and Treble EQ controls provide modern tone-shaping flexibility.

Whether you’re pushing your cranked amp into full-blown distortion or just adding some warmth, grit and character to your clean sound, the Hammertone Overdrive is an essential addition to your rig. This compact drive packs a big punch — the pre-gain mid boost adds the perfect edge for cutting through the mix.

Delay changes everything. Subtly sweetened leads, clucky country slap-back, surfy swells, rhythmic dotted-eighths and huge ambient washes — it’s been a defining factor in just about every genre of guitar music. The Hammertone Delay provides up to 950ms of crisp and clean delays, lush modulation at the flick of a switch and three different delay types.

The Hammertone Reverb delivers three classic reverb effects — Hall, Room and Mod — in a compact stomp that will integrate seamlessly into your rig. Powerful damping control and tone switch offer supreme flexibility, while the Fender-designed on-board reverb tones are perfect for subtle to extreme ambience.

The Hammertone Fuzz captures the iconic splat, saturation and horn-like sustain used on the formative records of rock’n’roll history. Despite its small size, this purple-tinged, psychedelic stompbox is feature-packed with three classic controls, two silicon diodes and an octave fuzz mode — allowing you to recreate the legendary sounds of the ‘60s and ‘70s or forge your own unique tone.

Aggressive and dynamic distortion can be elusive — with powerful tone-shaping EQ controls, top-mounted in and out jacks and true bypass switching, the Hammertone Metal delivers chunky high gain that sits perfectly in a mix and will integrate seamlessly into your rig.

Glassy, shimmering, and bubbly, the Hammertone Chorus is a simple and powerful modulation device designed to pristine choral sweeps.

Space Delay
Warm, analog-style saturation and gorgeous ‘tape’ warble combine to make the Hammertone Space Delay a perfect companion for any ambience-inclined soundscapist. From subtle and natural repeats to awesomely oscillating waves of tone, the Space Delay delivers everything you need to create your next atmospheric masterpiece.

The Hammertone Flanger delivers dramatic, rushing jet stream waves and subtler, swirling tendrils of modulation.

The Hammertone range are available now. 

US$79.99 – $99.99
GBP69.99 – £84.99
EU79.99 – €99.99
AU$199.00 – $229.00
JPY8,800 – ¥11,000



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Issue 83