Erica Synths PĒRKONS Drum Machine & Synth

New drum machine and synthesiser contains four sonically versatile hybrid voices and built in sequencer with external triggering and FX I/O


23 September 2021

PĒRKONS – a deity of old known by many names and also by ours on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea – THUNDER, lord of the skies. Erica Synths present its newest creation – PĒRKONS (THUNDER) – a drum machine and synthesiser intended to change your approach to electronic rhythm synthesis – an instrument which bears the weight of a storm beneath its sturdy casing.

PĒRKONS features four sonically versatile hybrid voices (digital sound engine + analogue multimode filter with overdrive) and a sequencer with simultaneous control over all four percussion tracks.

Each voice has 3 sound engine modes, a HP/BP/LP filter and 8 controls for nuanced sound design, including an internal analogue BBD FX send. All voice parameter settings can be saved as KITS. To add dynamics to the performance, parameter automation is implemented and a modulation LFO can be assigned to all parameters.

For a real thunderstorm, integration with external gear is considered – each voice has a dedicated velocity-sensitive trigger input, individual output and FX send and return with 6.3mm jack sockets, along with extensive MIDI implementation. All voices are summed and run through a built-in optical compressor and master overdrive.

PĒRKONS HD-01 is a unique live performance and sound design instrument that blurs the lines between drum machine, synthesiser and drone instrument. Time to ride the skies!


  • 4 hybrid voices (digital sound engine and analogue multimode filter with overdrive)
  • 8 controls per voice
  • Velocity sensitive trigger inputs for drum pads
  • Individual voice outputs
  • Individual sends and returns
  • 64 kit and 64 pattern memory + additional memory on the SD card
  • Built-in analogue bucket brigade delay and optical compressor
  • Modulation LFO with morphing waveforms, phase shift and 8 destinations
  • 4 track sequencer, 4 time divisions and 4 time multiplications per track
  • Per-step ratchets and probabilities
  • 4 shuffle algorithms

Pricing: €1650 EUR (VAT excl.); release date within 2021.


Erica Synths: ericasynths.com

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