2 November 2015


little labs monotor

Little Labs has released the Monotor — a high-quality, compact, multiple output headphone amplifier. The Monotor is designed for the professional audio engineer who requires a little extra flexibility when it comes to monitoring options. Features include extensive mono compatibility, including left minus right to really put a magnifying glass on phase and compressed audio file artefact analysis. The audio path uses hand wound, low distortion transformers and a single active headphone driver stage per headphone out. The inputs are transformer coupled for no headache balanced or unbalanced source connection, with paralleled XLR/TRS combo and TRS jacks for easy hookup. Power is supplied by low noise, full voltage linear on-board regulators.

little labs presentor

The Monotor Presentor is an expanded version of the Monotor, featuring extra headphone outputs, foot switch controlled talkback, balanced headphone /preamp output, stereo A/B source level matching and comparison abilities.

little labs salt

Little Labs has also announced the release of Salt — a compact guitar/instrument splitter with instrument and line level input, designed to give low noise, high quality instrument distribution. Features include a polarity select and earth lift on each output. Inputs and outputs can be controlled by an optional footswitch. The Salt can be used completely passively with Little Labs’ Pepper or PCP, or as a standalone usit using either the included linear power supply or standard nine-volt power found on any guitar pedal board.

More info:
Little Labs: www.littlelabs.com
Australian Distributor: www.audiochocolate.com.au


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